Microsoft Azure Platform - Consulting and Migration

We keep up to date on the latest services and offering from Microsoft religously. We cover the entire spectrum from analysis, reporting, infrastructure, networking, security, data, single sign on, computing, backup and archive retention as well as disaster recovery planning and implementaiton. We save you massive time and money allowing you to fully utilize what the Microsoft Azure Cloud has to offer.

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Mobile - Web - Desktop Development

From Android development to plain old responsive design, we've you covered. With extensive experience developing high volume enterprise web and mobile systems, we can create rapid prototypes, proof of concepts or fully implemented solutions. From small e-commerce based systems to high transaction flight reservations systems, our experience is extensive.

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Database Design, ETL, Analytics, Reporting

With over 20 years in data design and DBA work with Sql Server, Oracle, MySql or PostGRES, we've got you covered. Whether ETL, Data warehousing or application database design, we follow standardized best practices to implement, manage and get the job done.

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Unger Technologies LLC - The Final Countdown Commercial